The City of Espoo’s KULPS Culture Path for upper secondary education offers cost-free art and culture experiences to students attending upper secondary education in Espoo, both during the school day and outside of it. The content has been designed to support the achievement of the objectives of upper secondary education. The KULPS Culture Path for upper secondary education contains concerts, performances, workshops, guided museum tours, and online digital culture services that are related to the studies.

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Welcome to see behind the scenes of Glims & Gloms Dancetheatre. In the following video you can see our various productions and how we prepare for them. You get to also see scenes from our upcoming premiere The Bach Project and see how the dancers rehearsal for the piece. The video is about 20 minutes long and in the end of the video there is an assignment that is based on the video.

See the video from below:


Part of the KULPS Culture Path for upper secondary education we offer tickets to The Bach Project that premiere’s in Dance House Helsinki Erkko Hall. Tuomo Railo’s Bach Project is a choreography for nine dancers. The piece features J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations interpreted by pianist Risto Lauriala.

Performances in Dance House Helsinki:
Thursday 16.2.2023, klo 19
Friday 17.2.2023, klo 19

You can reserve the tickets by email: