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Curiosity, Caring, Fearlessness and Joy

We work for a society that is diverse and equal, for a society that supports everyone with understanding, tolerance and genuine interest in their personal development. We encourage everyones progress in encountering and understanding new views and ideas. We offer joy in learning.

We produce performances of dance, music and theatre. Our performances are directed for all audiences. We are based in Espoo and we work in nationally and internationally. Our performances are accessible, part of every day life of our audiences.

GLIMS & GLOMS dance company was founded by the choreographers Simo Heiskanen and Tuomo Railo in 1999. The company is located in Espoo, and the name refers to the town’s two rivers. The theatre tours in Finland and gives occasional guest performances abroad.


Glims & Gloms is known for producing captivating performances of high artistic quality for the whole family. The performances contain touching comedy, surprising humour and elevating dance for viewer of all ages.

The theatre employs top professionals of the arts, especially dancers. The theatre’s performances combine many elements of the performing arts: dance, theatre, music, visual arts, video and different applications of theatrical techniques. The company explores the traditions of the art of dance widely and without prejudice.

GLIMS & GLOMS creates 1-3 productions per year. The theatre’s programme consists of tour performances, commissioned works as well as long-standing hit performances. The works of the repertoire suit to be performed in traditional theatre premises as well as in sports halls, for example. Glims & Gloms also produces performances to shopping centers by The Mall Theatre concept.


In addition to the performances, GLIMS & GLOMS produces various kinds of outreach programmes – dance workshops for school children and students, therapeutic dance for the elderly, particularly Parkinson’s disease patients. In addition, the theatre organizes seminars and discussions concerning the subject matters of the performances.


2009 Finnish State Prize for merits in dance
2002 Dance Act of the Year
2001 Espoo Award for a Cultural Achievement 


The name of the theatre refers to the rivers Glims and Gloms in Espoo. The rivers offer a home for  a rare beetle called purohyrrä, among others.Glims & Gloms aim at growing from this local ground into an international gem.


In charge of the operation of GLIMS & GLOMS is the relief association Glims & Gloms Tanssiteatterin Kannatusyhdistys ry. The chairman of the board is Tuomo Railo, the vice chairman of the board is Simo Heiskanen and the secretary is Laura Jännes.

The relief association has received financial support from The Ministry of Education and Culture, Espoo city, The National Council for Dance, The Arts Council of Finland, The County Arts Committee, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, The Niilo Helander Foundation, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, Finnish Film Foundation, Finnish Music Creators’ Association.

Group and discount tickets


Glims & Gloms is a part of Espoo city’s culture path KULPS! targeted at schools and pre-schools. The KULPS repertoire offered by the theatre is a part of the Once in a school year -category. If a performance is a part of the school year’s KULPS-palette, this is mentioned on the page of the performance. More information and bookings by e-mail:

Groups of school children and children from day-care centers who can’t take advantage of the KULPS advantage can buy tickets at a reduced price. Tickets for the adults with the children cost 1 euro/adult. More information and bookings by e-mail:


Glims & Gloms offers their performances even as a part of Espoo city’s early childhood education’s Culture Call and the Culture Chain -project directed at residential care homes.

discount tickets

Discount tickets for our performances are available for students, servicemen and those doing their non-military national service, unemployed persons and pensioners. The discount ticket price is always performance-specific. Discount tickets are available at the theatre’s web store and at the venue starting one hour before the performance. Discount tickets are not available for performances for the whole family, but we offer family tickets for four at a reasonable price.

free tickets – Kaikukortti card

The theatre offers free tickets for holders of the Kaikukortti card. Kaikukortti can be ordered from Espoo city. See here for the instructions for ordering Kaikukortti from Espoo city.

Kaikukortti card tickets for Glims & Gloms performances can be booked by e-mail:

Free tickets – culture citizen

Glims & Gloms offers free tickets through Espoo city’s Culture Citizen programme. The programme is aimed at those Espoo residents who have recently been granted Finnish citizenship. More information of the programme is available on Espoo city web pages.

Culture citizen tickets can be booked by e-mail: