Antti Puuhaara


Script and directrion: Tuomo Railo
Visualisation: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Animations: Leevi Lehtinen
Performers: Johanna Keinänen, Kaisa Niemi ja Tuomo Railo
Seamstress: Nina Ukkonen
Carpenter: Matti Ervamaa

Duration 60 min

Recommended for ages 4 and above

Antti Puuhaara

Dance company Glims & Gloms’ fairy tale adventure Antti Puuhaara is a fresh interpretation of a Finnish folk tale.

In the local history museum of the village of Backing Paper, a performance of the play Antti Puuhaara is about to begin. The audience is already sitting in their seats when the staff of the museum receive a phone call from the theatre company. There’s been a misunderstanding, and the company has, by mistake, driven to the village of Paper Backing…

To avoid cancelling the whole perfomance – a tradition in the village – the museum staff decide to bravely take their beloved folk tale into their hands and perform their own fresh interpretation to the audience. As the story has many human characters and fairy tale characters, the resourceful staff decide to make use of museum objects. Also, the guiding principles in life of the folk tale are modernized to suit the values of modern museums.

Antti Puuhaara is a fantasy adventure full of excitement. Welcome to this whirl of adventure!

The performance continues the well-liked series of Tuomo Railo’s theatre performances for the whole family, which are characterized by their captivating nature and warm humour. In the roles of the performance’s resourceful museum staff are Tuomo Railo as well as top comedians Johanna Keinänen and Kaisa Niemi. The fascinating fairy tale adventure evolves by projected paintings and Leevi Lehtinen’s animations. Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila’s costumes, Metti Nordin’s staging and Pasi Pehkonen’s lighting design help the spectator get absorbed in the fairy tale.

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