Respect – Kunnioitus


Script, Direction, Choreography, Projections : Tuomo Railo

Performers: Jonna Eiskonen, Sibiry Konaté, Tuomo Railo, Emerson Santos, Yuko Takeda and Sirja Nironen (cello)

Costume Design: Timjami Varamäki

Lightning Design: Pasi Pehkonen

Photos and Videos: Ari Kauppila

Dur. 60 min.

Aged 13 or older

Respect – Kunnioitus

Autonomy implies we endorse in others also the things we do not understand.
– Richard Sennett, Respect in a World of Inequality

Kunnioitus – Respect  by Tuomo Railo is a stage performance in a form of dialogue and essay about respect as a cultural phenomenon, a societal force. The show is performed by artists originally from both Finland and outside Europe.  Kunnioitus – Respect scans the challenges faced by individuals and the society when cultures mix. How do we express respect? How respect works – both in good and bad? Why do we experience lack of respect?

Respect is – to my understanding – simultaneously a clear and muddy concept. At it´s worst respect is something harmful, there are people murdered because of it, yet we need respect to be able to function as a society. As the world evolves we need to rethink and evaluate the structures, the direction, the whole constitution of the respect we express. I hope this performance works also as a modest guide to our efforts in cultivating our senseof humor.  – Tuomo Railo

The show will be premiered in Louhi Hall at The Cultural Centre Of Espoo the 15th of October 2019 7pm.

The show is performed in English, show´s duration is approx. 60 min, aged 13 or older.

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