Kuvassa kaksi peikkoa katsovat ja osoittavat sormilla eri suuntiin vesivärimaalatulla kukkaniittyllä.

Tii-Tii-Tiitiäinen premiere’s 15th of September in Espoo Cultural Center Louhisali!

A performance for the whole family based on the poems of Kirsi Kunnas in Espoo Cultural Center 15.9.-17.9.2023! Characters familiar to several generations from Kunna’s productions such as Tittytumpkin, Tättähäärä, Mister Pii Poo, Hedgehog and a Troll will be on stage played by six performers. Kunna’s rhyming and absurd humor are created on the stage into an exhilarating fairy tale world full of surprising twists. Ticket’s are on sale now!

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